Friday, July 29, 2011

Some art from summer

Since summer's almost over, here's a few random doodles and speed paintings. I might add a separate post for sketches but whooo knows. Scanning is a real pain now, since my dino-scanner will only work with my dad's dino-laptop. 
Here's a brief description on some of them in order.
Speedpaint at the beach, about 2 hours.  Oils
Another quick landscape, I wanted to practice putting panels into an easily bought frame so there's that. Oils
Tiny acrylic painting of my sister s cat Cobie (:
Large portrait I'm still workin on.
Cartoony me in what seems to be what I wear everyday. b.b
Quick sketch thrown in to corel and colored.
Page 2 of that comic I'm making.
and just a colored doodle.


2 Projects from 3D

:1 Since I transferred and wasn't here to take 3D Design freshman year I was "strongly recommended" (lol) to take it over summer, so here's two projects from 3D at UNF. 

The first group of images is from a project in which we had to create a model home, and the second group of images is a life size figure from packing tape b.b when the figure is placed on a staircase she appears to be falling. Although since gravity is everywhere hopefully it still works allright when sitting on a kneewall \:
We've had 2 other projects but I haven't taken pictures of them yet since I think I want to work on them some more before I call them "officially" done.