Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Many Faces

Hey!...Look at all these compiled sketches! OH-boy!
And a Sherlock. 
Well, two Sherlocks. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Come at me Bro

Random pen sketches from today. 
Maybe sometime I'll go through alllll the sketches from Ringling this semester. 
But....That would be a lot of scanning.... 

Whelp, enjoy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wait...Schools Over?

It's Summertime and you know what that means.
Gonna head down to the beach and do some beachy things.
It's Summertime, it feels just right.
Gonna gather all my friends and we'll party through the night.

It's Summertime

.....I hope at least one person understands that reference. 

Well here's some illustrations from the later half of the semester. Eventually maybe I'll just upload a ton of sketches and what not but I don't know. I need to get started on that webcomic. 


Computer Illustration
Concept assignment: 
So we were put into groups and given the title "Three Little Pigs" and from that we were to create some sort of concept for a movie/video game/comic etc.
I had a lot of fun coming up with an interesting way to display the text. 

The Wizard of Oz/Contemporary Issues Illustration

Native American Cultures
Final Project Illustration: The Shoshone