Saturday, May 14, 2011

Portrait Practice, and Ramblings.

5x7 Oils

5x7 Oils

Just two basic portraits for practice.

Although I haven't been sketching as much as I would like I have been painting more often. Which is good because although I love looking at paintings, when it comes to my own I tend to be somewhat negligent. haha I don't really know why, but it could be that since I usually work digitally that it takes up much of my time spent doing art. This preference possibly comes from digital being my first explored medium, the ease at which you can start a new picture, not having to use chemicals, not having to clean up, and that you can so freely experiment without consequence really lends a hand to your imagination.

But sometimes I feel that oil painting is just more I-don't-know, fulfilling? Perhaps because there will always be a distance in digital art, in it is never as tangible, for I can never make an "original", only printouts. In contrast to the single canvas of which the painting was completed on. But I would dread going without digital painting, it's just so fun to experiment with and I love the process.

....It's hard to say what-is-what, but they both have a place in the world of art and I enjoy them both.

And I don't even know if this rambling makes sense. Sooo tired. I finally put away all my things from Ringling and....CLEANED MY ROOM. Woah. Yeah. Pretty crazy day.

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