Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lots' o Art

I kinda wanted to experiment with text a bit, and I missed doing funny strips.
Anyway, this was pretty quickly drawn out, hah so it's a little sketchy.

Corel painterX.
Just trying out some new things \:

hah It's interesting trying to make a human expression work on an animal/dinosaur/whatever. This was just a sketch for a design of website mascot. I might post more about it when it's all done, but since this was done really early on in the process I figured I'd post it.  

Oh! And this is my cat Sasha. ---v--- She's huge and has laser eyes. :I

A tiny acrylic painting of my sisters cat Bubba sleeping c:

Just messing with acrylics on some left over illustration board. 

Now I'm off to get some reference pictures! 

It's FINALLY started to rain here again, so that means there will be some really beautiful cloud formations out there!  >:D
I love the way things look after it rains, the colors seem so much more vibrant. 

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